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Focus on your business

Our company can perform the full accounting and administrative functions for clients, providing continuity of service and more time to concentrate on their core business. This can be a solution to significantly reduce the administrative burden on clients and their IT and finance staff costs. 

Our services are customized to the client’s needs and we regularly provide the following:

  • Accounting;
  • Tax revision;
  • Accounting software and solutions;
  • Data collection and Storage of company records;
  • Administrative services;
  • Treasury and Cash management;
  • Intrastat, Environmental Fund and National Institute of Statistics reporting.


For more information please contact:

Bucharest Office

Alina Constandache
Head of Accounting
BDO Bucharest

Ana-Maria Spatarelu
Accounting, Partner
BDO Bucharest

Cluj Office

Dan Apostol
Coordinator BDO Cluj,

Timisoara Office

Dan Stirbu
Coordinator BDO Timisoara,