• Management Reporting

When every minute counts

In a world where information is priceless, we understand the need of accurate and timely sent reports based in which the management can take necessary decisions. We provide management accounts and reports for our clients on a periodic basis to suit their needs. The format and information that goes into such reports can be flexible and geared to each client’s business reporting needs. Based on these reports we assist with the preparation of financial projections and budgets. 


For more information please contact:

Bucharest Office

Alina Constandache
Head of Accounting
BDO Bucharest

Ana-Maria Spatarelu
Accounting, Partner
BDO Bucharest

Val Zamfirescu
Head of Transaction and Corporate Finance
BDO Bucharest

Cluj Office

Dan Apostol
Coordinator BDO Cluj,

Timisoara Office

Dan Stirbu
Coordinator BDO Timisoara,