Internal audit and related services

Stronger focus, better control

Our teams of internal auditors include specialists in: IT, tax, accounting, financial reporting (IFRS/IAS), human resources. Coordination is done by experienced professionals with local (CAFR, AAIR) and international (US-CIA, US-CISA, US-IIR) accreditations. Our methodology is developed according to international standards issued by the US Institute of Internal Auditors and adopted by CAFR.

  • Internal Audit

We tailor audit programs to detect deficiencies of the systems in due time. As a result, we bring to the management's attention issues and recommendations regarding significant areas such as control system failures, risks not addressed by the actual process flow or inefficient resource allocation. A priority level indicating urgency of necessary corrections is attached to each recommendation.

  • Integrity Services. Fraud Detection and prevention

Companies face significant challenges when it comes to managing fraud and corruption risk in today’s global economy.
We advise clients on fraud risk and the means by which they can prevent, detect and remediate the recurrence of fraud. For preventing and detecting such situations, we analyze the internal processes, control and data processing systems in order to check for potential risks and develop an emergency strategy.

  • IT Systems Review

We investigate the security and reliability of IT systems and processes and support our clients in establishing effective risk-management systems. Our interventions are finalized with reports that include recommendations for improving the detected deficiencies and avoid the appearance of potential risks.

  • Fast closure- Assistance in Implementation

Our team can define and assist you in the implementation of the necessary processes and in their integration in your internal systems in place, to accelerate the preparation of the financial statements.