Business Restructuring

Sustainable results. Rapid stabilization.

Nowadays the business environment becomes more and more dynamic and companies can meet difficulties in adapting to the new conditions or losing opportunities and market share, and quite often facing insolvency.

Preventive restructuring / Concordat
We offer you the invaluable gift of TIME to revitalize your business and position yourself for long-term success.

  • Early intervention;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Creditor engagement;
  • Financial & Operational Restructuring/Improvement;
  • Legal Expertise.

Judiciary Reorganization/ Liquidation
Our purpose as judiciary administrators is to identify and exploit the opportunities the insolvent business has in order to be rescued as a going concern, achieving a more advantageous realization of the assets than would be possible under the liquidation procedure.

The key challenge for an insolvency practitioner under the insolvency procedure is to act quickly and judiciously to identify and implement the best solution, in order to realize as much of the company's assets as possible.

Services provided for clients for whom we are not nominated by the court of law as judiciary liquidators or administrators such as: legal assistance for insolvent companies, assessing the possibilities of realizing the claims against insolvent companies and recover them, preparing and implementing reorganization plans for insolvent companies, analyzing and identifying the optimum solution for exiting a market.


Geanina Oancea - Olteanu

Business Restructuring, Senior Partner
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