Rethink Management Program

Rethink Management Program

Following the study conducted at the national level by BDO together with partners, we identified a clear need for Romanian companies to bounce back into business.

Based on this, we have created the first national post-pandemic program for the revitalization and development of Romanian companies. 

Enter Rethink Management Program, powered by BDO Advisory.


Discover the services of the program and let's set together the direction of growth for your Company.

You get exactly what you planned

We ensure predictability in the success of your organization by:

  • increasing control of results

  • ensuring the health of the business

  • sustainable business development

  • the correct transformation path for your Company


Rethink Management Program stages

We intervene with professional management in any of the 4 stages of the evolution of your Company.

When your Company needs a fresh start.

When your Company needs predictable and controllable results.

When you want to grow the Company to the next level.

When your Company needs a significant transformation.