• Tax disputes

Tax disputes

Because government revenues are declining, tax administration aggressively is challenging both businesses and individuals with regard to the taxes they’re paying and their tax filing positions. As a result, the number of tax audits and tax reassessments is increasing.

Our tax professionals offer a full range of tax services, including helping clients develop and document defendable tax positions.

Because our services don’t stop with our advice, if you find yourself subject to a tax audit, we can help you deal with the tax authorities.

We take a hands-on approach, helping you challenge tax reassessments you consider unjust or improper and proactively helping you resolve disputes in a manner that’s efficient and fair.

Our organisation is built on strong personal relationships. At BDO we ensure that you have access to senior-level professionals, without layers of bureaucracy. 

We have an organisation structure that keeps us agile and means that we can respond quickly. 


For more information please contact:

Bucharest Office

Alin Irimia
+40726 129 338
Head of Transfer Pricing & Value Chain Taxation, Partner
BDO Bucharest

Dan Barascu
+40728 999 610
Head of Tax, Partner BDO Bucharest

Cluj Office

Dan Apostol
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Coordinator BDO Cluj, Partner

Timisoara Office

Dan Stirbu
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Coordinator BDO Timisoara, Partner