• Key lessons after 2020

Key lessons after 2020

16 June 2021


In 2020 we had a chance for introspection and reconsideration. The cost, as often happens in hostile takeovers, was imposed. The payoff is the much undervalued, yet essential human connection.


We have rediscovered the true value of human connection.

Once the noise stopped, we ran out of excuses for not looking closely at what matters most- both personally and professionally.

I believe that this distressful period did not necessarily transform us, but rather made us rediscover forgotten values. We learned to praise those important things, that we used to take for granted.


True value is not quantified in the number of hours spent at the office

There are activities that can be done from outside of the office, even more efficiently and with greater benefits for the team.

And there are times when the secret ingredient in creating value is that human vibration, which only appears in face-to-face meetings.


Value is created through plans and behaviors acquired in peaceful times

Stress can catalyze good plans, but when stress kicks in, it is impossible to reinvent yourself sustainably.


True value is created people to people

In critical moments, the human connection is literally lifesaving.

The difference is made by the level of confidence beforehand created. In times when the path forward is unclear, trust is the essential steppingstone in strengthening partnerships - both with customers and within the team.


The biggest challenge of current times is remembering these learned lessons when we’ll be fine.