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  • Tax Flash nr. 34

Tax Flash nr. 34

15 September 2020

Order no. 1376/2020 for establishing the manner of granting the financial support and the categories of goods which may be purchased according to article 6, paragraph (1) from the Government’ Emergency Ordinance no. 1376/2020 regarding the support measures for the employees and employers in the context of the epidemiological situation caused by the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, as well as for the stimulation of employment growth


In the Official Gazette no. 832 from September 10th2020 it was published the Order no. 1376/2020 which entered into force on September 13th2020.

This Order approved the procedure and the list of goods and services which can be settled by the companies up to the limit of 2,500 lei for the employees which tele-worked during the Emergency state, at least 15 days.

According to the Order and Annex, new goods may be purchased, consisting of:

  1. Laptop/notebook;
  2. Tablets;
  3. Smartphone;
  4. In and out peripheral devices related to the goods mentioned above to points 1-3;
  5. Devices which are necessary for connecting to the internet of the goods mentioned above to points 1-3;
  6. Licenses related to the operating systems and software applications related to the goods mentioned to the points 1-3, necessary for developing the activity as teleworking, according to the provisions of the Law no. 81/2018 regarding the regulation of telework activity.


In order to settle the amounts, the employers will submit by electronic means, namely the platform, to the county employment agencies or, the one of Bucharest, where they have their headquarter, the following documents for which they assume the responsibility of the correctness

and truthfulness of the data mentioned:

  • an application form signed by the legal representative and dated;
  • declaration on own responsibility of the legal representative;
  • list of the tele-employers for which the granting of the amount mentioned by article 6, paragraph (1) from the Emergency Ordinance is requested.


Also, the employers have the obligation to send in 30 days, by uploading on platform, to county employment agencies or Bucharest agency, which paid the amounts, the following justifying documents, scanned:

  • invoices issued by the providers of goods and services;
  • tax receipts or receipts or account statements/excerpts which certify the payment of the invoices mentioned to letter a);
  • records regarding the materials such as inventory objects given to tele-employers, prepared according to the model mentioned in annex no. 3 of the Public Finance Ministry’s Order no. 2634/2015 regarding the financial-accounting documents, or/and, the movement tickets of the fixed assets given for the use of tele-employers, prepared according to the model mentioned in annex no. 3 of the Public Finance Ministry’s Order no. 2634/2015, or/and, as the case may be, the situation with the technological services granted by the employer to each tele-employee.